Double your candidate placement capacity

Hunteed is the online solution that connects you to new clients and new assignments for free.

We approach companies by business sector, you work by function.

  • You value your talent pool.
  • You increase the performance of your agency.
  • You can easily boost your turnover.
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How does it work?

Discover new jobs every day

Hunteed selects the corresponding assignments for each registered consultant for more efficient and faster placements. Our clients have positions in Marketing, Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Legal, IT and Engineering…

Choose the jobs on which you work

The assignments are described very precisely and enriched as and when based on feedback. The placement fees due to you are indicated on the publication of the job and remain unchanged.

Present your candidates

Recommend candidates based on professional opportunities and fill in the recommendation form. You can then communicate with the client via the internal messaging system, and follow the steps made by your candidates.

Place your candidates and invoice your fees

Be notified when one of your candidates is hired and invoice your fees directly on the platform. Payment is guaranteed by Hunteed.

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