How it works

Hunteed introduces you to new recruitment projects and new customers. Let yourself be guided.

Publish an advertisement for free

Register for free and connect with all our recruitment consultants by accepting our Terms and Conditions
Let us guide you and your advertisement will become a complete "Advertisement Briefing" for recruitment consultants.
Post your advertisement, and it will automatically be accessible to all Hunteed recruitment consultants

Manage your advertisements easily.

Create drafts, modify or duplicate existing adverts... So many features to speed up the management of your adverts.
Invite colleagues to your advertisements. They will have the same access as you to your advertisements and candidates.
Call on our expert services at any time for advice and to improve your briefs. We will be happy to help you.

Manage your candidates with ease.

Receive a notification email as soon as a new candidate has been recommended and approved by Hunteed
Access a specific file for each application, including a detailed recommendation from the consultant, the CV and the candidate's contact details.
Manage the process and interviews with candidates at your own pace. With just one click, change the status of your candidates from your dashboard.

Communicate instantly with consultants

Give instant feedback to consultants about candidates with the internal "Chat" tool.
Receive only messages from recruitment consultants who have recommended the right candidates to you.
Benefit from targeted, high-quality advice on candidates and your advertisements.
Access all the information from the "Manage my ads" tab.

Pay and recruit only for success

Approve the fees, set at 12% of the average annual salary, which are only payable in the event of recruitment via Hunteed.
Declare your candidate as a "Recruited". The advertisement is closed and the post declared "Filled". Recruitment consultants and candidates are automatically informed.
Receive a one-time invoice from Hunteed for the amount of the fee set when the advertisement was created. Hunteed is responsible for remunerating the consultant.

Hunteed will be there at your side

  • Our recruitment consultants specialise in each business area or sector of activity (Finance, Sales, Marketing, Insurance, etc.).
  • Our recruitment consultants undertake to propose only candidates who have consented to apply.
  • Our recruitment consultants have signed our code of ethics and are committed to respecting it (non-discrimination, CVs and references checked, confidentiality, prohibition against poaching and so on).
  • Hunteed undertakes to restart recruitment at no additional cost if the recruited candidate leaves the company within 30 days of taking up his or her duties.