Charter of ethics for recruitment consultants on Hunteed

for the maintenance of irreproachable business ethics

Hunteed is committed to inviting recruitment consultants working on the website to respect a charter for good conduct; in return, companies undertake to meet candidates within a reasonable time, and to keep Consultants informed via their dashboard of the decisions taken with regard to the candidates. This charter aims to define the attitudes to be adopted by a responsible recruitment consultant. Each recruitment consultant must agree to adhere to the charter in order to be able to register on the Hunteed platform

1. The commitment to respect SYNTEC Recruitment's code of ethics

The recruitment consultant undertakes to respect the 18 points set out in Syntec Recruitment's charter

2. Compliance with the anti-discrimination rules dictated by the articles of the Labour Code:

Article L122-45 of the Labour Code

"No person may be excluded from a recruitment procedure or from access to a internship or a period of on-the-job training, no employee may be sanctioned, dismissed or subjected to any direct or indirect discriminatory measure, in particular as regards remuneration, training, regrading, assignment, qualification, classification, professional promotion, transfer or contract renewal on grounds of his or her origin, sex, morals, sexual orientation, age, marital status, genetic characteristics, membership or non-membership, real or supposed, of an ethnic group, nation or race, political opinions, trade union or mutualist activities, religious convictions, physical appearance, family name or on account of health status or disability."

Articles L121-6 of the Labour Code

"The information requested, in any form whatsoever, from the candidate for a job or from an employee may only be used to assess his or her ability to occupy the job offered or his or her professional skills." This information must have a direct and necessary connection with the job offered or with the assessment of professional skills. The job applicant or employee is required to respond in good faith."

3. Carrying out CV and reference checks

The recruitment consultant undertakes to verify the accuracy of the elements specified in the candidate's CV (past experience, training, skills), as well as his or her availability and willingness to apply for the position offered.

Reference checks are part of the candidate recruitment process. However, they must only be done with the prior agreement of the candidate and from a list of persons that the candidate has him or herself provided to the consultant. References should only be made to elements relating to the candidate's skills and behaviour in the context of his or her professional activities.

4. Advice to the employer on proposed salary levels

Hunteed is willing to advise each employer on the level of remuneration for the position offered. Consultants are also encouraged to warn employers when the proposed level of remuneration is below the prevailing market level. It is important that each party involved in the recruitment process remains vigilant as to the nature of the skills sought by the company and the compensation offered. If the consultant, based on their experience, notices a significant difference, it is their duty to inform the company and provide them with informed advice.

5. Poaching

Recruitment consultants undertake not to recruit in companies in which they have placed candidates via Hunteed and for a reasonable period of 12 months. Consultants agree to disclose the names of the companies for which they have successfully completed recruitments over the past 12 months, for greater transparency.

6. Respect for confidentiality

In the performance of their duties, and in particular through meetings with many candidates, recruitment consultants have access to a large amount of confidential information about companies, their recruitment and, more generally, their major development strategies. Consultants must be guided by irreproachable ethics and professional conduct and undertake to show absolute respect for confidentiality. Confidentiality is paramount. It applies both to candidates who may wish to remain discreet in their job search, as well as to companies who may not wish to make their search known to everyone. When the company chooses to publish its recruitment project on Hunteed without indicating its brand, the consultant undertakes not to disclose the company's name to candidates without first informing the company, or asking for their permission.

Le 01/09/2016