How do you become a Hunteed recruitment consultant?

Hunteed allows all recruitment professionals to access new recruitment jobs and new clients. Hunteed is the digital recruiting platform that allows independent recruitment consultants or recruitment agencies to access recruitment assignments without having to complete any business prospecting.

What are the requirements to become a Hunteed Recruitment Consultant?

Hunteed is aimed at all recruitment professionals who wish to access recruitment jobs without having to do any business prospecting. To work on Hunteed, it is necessary to accept the terms and conditions of use and to adhere to the Hunteed Recruitment Consultants' Code of Ethics. After a successful placement, the recruitment consultant will be asked to provide Hunteed with an invoice corresponding to his recruitment service. This invoice must be issued by a company.

I am an independent recruitment consultant

The condition for being able to work and recommend qualified candidates on Hunteed is to have a legal status that is duly registered with the tax authorities.

Which status is right for an independent recruitment consultant?

The independent recruitment consultants currently registered on our digital platform mainly have three statuses:

  • micro-entrepreneur recruitment consultant
  • Attached to a wage-earning organisation
  • Recruitment agency registered as a single-member company (SASU, EURL, etc.)


If you want to work independently in addition to your work within a recruitment agency, be aware of your duty of loyalty to your employer. We recommend that you receive their consent before registering and working on our digital platform. Be vigilant regarding the services and recruitment tools that belong to your employer and that you would be tempted to use for your sourcing. We recommend complete transparency with your hierarchy. You can access our recruitment consultants' Code of Conduct by following this link:

I am an independent headhunter

You currently have a headhunting business, or you want to become an independent headhunter, know that you may register on our digital platform to access a wide selection of recruitment jobs saving you the commercial prospection. Register on the platform, select the relevant recruitment jobs and recommend your best qualified and interviewed candidates.

What is the form of a recruitment service contract?

By subscribing to Hunteed, you check a box that states that you agree to Hunteed's Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. In the same way, the companies registered on Hunteed approve the Terms of use on the digital platform. This is intended to create a contractual commitment between users, which does not require an additional contract, such as a standard recruitment agency contract.

What headhunting tools?

As an independent head hunter, the choice of sourcing tools is yours. Social networks are often the main channels for finding quality candidates. You can also consult free or paid CV libraries to access profiles of candidates looking for a job. By contacting the Hunteed teams you will benefit from advice and ways to create a candidate shortlist.

I am a junior recruitment consultant

If you would like to become a recruitment consultant with no previous experience in a recruitment agency, know that Hunteed allows you to find recruitment jobs without commercial prospection.

Recruitment Consultant Training

There is no recruitment consultant training in France, therefore, we advise you to contact us after your registration on our online recruitment platform. At Hunteed, a team is in charge of supporting the recruitment consultant community in the selection of recruitment jobs and in the success of each placement.

Take charge of the digital platform

We regularly conduct webinars for our recruitment consultants to show them tips on our digital platform, but also to address HR trends. To be kept informed of these webinars, we recommend that you register on the recruitment platform now. You will receive our various communications about the events we organise.

I am a recruitment agency

Hunteed is an ideal solution for a recruitment agency that would like to boost their business. In addition to offering their recruitment services to their usual clients, a recruitment agency may access Hunteed jobs and present the candidates within their network.

41/5000 Have my employees work on Hunteed

It is of course possible for a recruitment agency to propose to their own recruitment consultant employees to work on Hunteed. Each employee creates an account on Hunteed and then accesses a large number of recruitment jobs on which they may recommend qualified and interviewed candidates.

Invoice on behalf of my recruitment agency

To invoice your recruitment agency's service or the recruitment of your recruitment consultants, after the expiry of the warranty period, you will need to send Hunteed the invoice corresponding to successful recruitment jobs completed by your employees. The steps for invoicing a recruitment service are available on the following page:

Create my Recruitment agency account

Hunteed allows you to renew your customer portfolio and boost your turnover